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To NAB. v. a. Prehendere : opprimere. 

NACKER, NAKER, or NACRE, SHELL. *. Concha mar- 
garitifera, Plin. 

NAG. s. Mannus : mannulus : Plin. 

NAIL. s. I. The horny substance at the ends of the 
fingers or toes : unguis. To pare one's nails : ungues 
ponere, Hor., subsecare, Tibull., resecare, Plin. II. A 
spike or stud: clavus, Cajs A small nail: clavulus. 
A large nail: clavus trabalis, Cic To pull out a nail: 
clavum refigere : revellere. III. The sixteenth part of 
a yard : digiti duo cum quadrante. 

To NAIL. v. a. Rem clavo figere, afiigere : clavum 
pangere : suffigere. 

NAILER, s. Clavorum faber. 

NAKED, a. Nudus, Cic. Half naked: seminudus, 
Liv Quite naked : omni velamento corporis spoliatus, 
Curt. A naked sword : gladius nudus, or vagina vacuus, 
nudus See also PLAIN, OPEN. 

NAKEDLY, ad. Nude : aperte. 

NAKEDNESS, s. Nudatum corpus. 

NAME.*. 1. A distinctive appellation: nomen : vo- 
cabulum. II. Reputation : nomen : fama : existimatio : 
Cic. III. Renown: fama: celebritas. IV. To 
tell one's name: nomen eloqui, Cic. In my name: 
verbis meis, Ter. A good name: bona existimatio, 
Cic. An ill name : infamia. 

To NAME. v. a. Alicui, or rei. nomen imponere : in- 
dere : Plaut. : aliquem, or rem, nominare, Cic., appella- 

tione notare, Sen. : designare : or, nominare To name 

one's heir : heredem nuncupare, Dig. 

NAMELESS, a. Anonymus : sine certo nomine. 

NAMELY, ad. Nomiuatim, Cic. : particulariter, Plin. : 
(speciatim, Asc.Ped.): scilicet: videlicet, Cic. 

NAMESAKE, s. Ejusdem nominis. 

NAP. s. I. A short sleep : semisomnus sopor, Quint. : 
suspensus somnus, Cic. II. Down, villous substance: 
avium pluma mollior. 

To NAP. v. a. Dormitare :Isomno connivere : Cic. : 

NAPE. s. The joint \of the neck behind : fossa : imse 
cervicis fossa. 

NAPKIN, s. Mantile, Virg. : mappa, Hor. 

NAPLESS, a. Rasus : abrasus : Cic. 

NAPPY, a. i. e. Frothy : spumans : spumeus j Virg. 

NARCISSUS, s. A flower : narcissus, Virg. 

NARCOTIC, a. Producing torpor : torporem inducens, 
Plin. : soporifer, Virg. 

NARD. *. A shrub : nardum, Hor. : nardus, Plin. 

NARRATION, s. Nar ratio : expositio : Cic. 

NARRATIVE, a. Quod ad narrationem spectat. 


NARRATOR, s. Narrator, Cic. : qui narrat. 

NARROW. *. Arctus : angustus : Cic Very narrow : 
perangustus, Cic A narrow mind: angustus et par- 
vus animus : angustum et arctum ingenium To be 
lodged in a narrow compass : anguste sedere, habitare, 

To NARROW, v. a. Contrahere, Cic. : in arctum 
cogere, Plin. : angustare, Sen. : coarctare, Liv. 

NARROWLY, ad. I. Contractedly : arte : or, arete: 
anguste. II. Closely, vigilantly : de proximo : attente 

NASAL, a. Quod ad nasum pertinet A nasal sound} 

sonus nasiloquus. 

NASALLY, ad. Sono nasiloquo. 

NASTILY, ad. Spurce : fcede : Cic. : sordide, Val. Max. 

NASTINESS. s. Spurcitia, Ter. : sordes, Cic. : inqui- 
namentum, Cell. 

NASTY, a. Immundus, Ter.: spurcus, Catull.: im- 
purus, Cic. : cedus, Tac. 

NATAL, a. Natalis: nataliciusj Cic. 

NATATION, s. Natatio, Cic. 


NATION. *. Natio : gens : Cic. 

NATIONAL, a. Gentilicius, Cic. : quod ad totam gentera 
pertinet : civilis : popularis : publicus. 

NATIVE, a. Naturalis : nativus : innatus : ingenera- 
tus : naturae accommodatus : Cic. Native land: patriae 
solum : patrium, or natale, solum, Cic. 

NATIVE, s. Ortus : natus : Cic. The natives: indi- 
gence, Liv. 

NATIVITY, s. (Nativitas, U. Jet.) : dies, or hora, na- 
talis, Cic., or genitalis, Plin. 

NATURAL, a. I. Produced or effected by nature : 
naturalis : nativus: Innatus: ingeneratus. II. Agre- 
able to nature : naturae accommodatus : Cic. II. Un- 
affected: simplex et apertus, Cic. 

NATURAL. 5. Anidiot, a fool : idiota, Cic. 

NATURALIST, s. Rerum naturalium investigator, Cic. 

NATURALIZATION, s. Civitatis donatio. 

To NATURALIZE, v. a. Peregrinum civitate donare. 

NATURALLY, ad. I. According to unassisted nature : 
naturaliter : natura : congruenter naturae : Cic. : secun- 
duin naturam, Quint. II. Spontaneously: sponte : 
suapte natura. III. Without affectation: ingenue: 


NATURE, s. I. The compass of natural existence : 
natura : rerum universitas : Cic. : communis rerum na- 
tura, Plin. Human nature : natura humana. II. 
Temper, disposition : hatura : indoles : ingenium : Cic. 
Good nature : temperati moderatique mores, pi. : egre- 
gia et praeclara indoles : Cic. : Tnores aurei, pi., Hor. 
III. Sort, kind : genus. Something of the same nature : 
res ejusdem generis, Cic. 

NATURED. a Good-natured: bona natura, or bona 
indole, prasditus, Cic. : benignus : comis. Ill-natured: 
malignus : morosus : invidus. 

NAUGHT or NAUGHTY, a. Malus : malignus : impro- 
bus : Cic. 

NAUGHTILY, ad. Improbe : nequiter: nefarie: scele- 
rate : sceleste. 

NAUGHTINESS, s. Improbitas : perversitas : pravitas : 

NAULAGE. s. The freight of passengers in a ship : 
naulum, Juv. 

NAUMACHY. s. Naumachia, Sen. 

To NAUSEATE, v. a. Fastidire : satietate et fastidio 
alienari: Cic. 

NAUSEOUS, a. Fastidiosus : quod movet fastidium: 

NAUTIC or NAUTICAL, a. Nauticus, Cic. : maritimus. 

NAVAL, a. Navalis. A naval buttle: navalis pugna, 
Cic. : navale prcelium, Quint. : prcelium maritimum, 

NAVE. s. I. (In a wheel): modiolus. II. (In a 
church) : interioris templi pars prior. 

NAVEL, s. Umbilicus, Plin. 

NAVEW or NAPHEW. s. A sort of turnip : napus, Col. 

NAVIGABLE, a. Navigabilis, Liv. A navigable river , 
fluvius navigabilis, Col. : amnis patiens navium, Curt. 

To NAVIGATE, v. a. and n. Navigare, Cic. 

NAVIGATION, s. Nayigatio. 

NAVIGATOR, s. Navigator, Quint. : navigationi addic- 
tus. Cic. 

NAVY. s. Navalis, or nautica, res, Liv. : res nauticae, 
Cic. : res maritima, Veil. 

NAY. ad. Non: minime To say nay : inficiari: 
negare : recusare. A saying nay : negatio : recusatio. 

NAY. conj. Praeterea, Cic. 

NAYWORD. s. Recusatio, Cic. 

To NEAL. v. a. Recoquere : rem colliquefacere : Cic. : 

NEAP. a. Depressus : demissus. 

NEAP-TIDE, s. (A sea term.) JEstus maris decres- 

NEAR. prep. Prope, Cic Near one: prope aliquem, 
or ab aliquo, Cic To bring, to draw, to come, near : 
rem rei, ad rem, admovere, Cic. : alicui, ad aliquem, 
appropinquare, or proximo accedere. 

NEAR. ad. Fere : ferme : propemodum : Cic. 

NEAR. a. I. Not distant: vicinus : propinquus : 

Cic Nearer: propior. Very near: proximus, Cic. 

\\.Parsimonious: parcipromus, Plaut. : parcus, 

NEARLY, ad. I. Closely : de proximo. II. In a 
niggardly manner: sordide : parce : Cic. : nimium parce, 

NEARNESS, s. I. Closeness: vicinia: vicinitas. 
II. Alliance of blood: propinquitas : sangumis con- 
junctio, or cognatio, Cic. : consanguinitas, Liv. III. 
Tendency to avarice : nimia parcimonia, Ter. : sordes, 
Cic. : tenacitas, Liv. 

NEAT. s. Slack cattle: majus, or armenticium, 
pecus, Varr. 

NEAT. a. Mundus : nitidus : Cic. : concinnus : comp- 
tus : lautus : elegans. 

NEATHERD, s. Bubulcus, Phaedr. : bourn custos. 

NEATLY, ad. Nitide, Plaut. : munde, Sen. : laute : 

eleganter : Cic Neatly dressed j concinne vestitus, 




NEATNESS, s. Munditia : mundities : elegantia : con- 
cinnitas : Cic. 

NEBULA, s. Nebula: nubecula. 

NEBULOUS, a. Nebulosus, Cic. : nubilus, Plin. 

NECESSARIES, s. pi. Vitas necessitates : ad vitam ne- 
cessaria : Cic. To be in want of the necessaries of life : 
conflictari rerum necessarium inopia, Caes. 

NECESSARILY, ad. Necessario: ex necessitate : Cic. 

NECESSARY, a. Necessarius, Cic More, very, neces- 
sary : magis, maxime, necessarius The things neces- 
sary for one's subsistence : quae sunt ad vitam necessaria, 

To NECESSITATE, v. a. Alicui necessitatem rei facien- 
dae imponere : aliquem cogere rem facere : Cic. 

NECESSITOUS, a. Inops: pauper: egenus: Cic. 

NECESSITY, s. I. Cogency, compulsion, fatality: 
necessitas. Absolute necessity : necessitas immutabilis, 
Quint. Urged by necessity: necessitate coactus, Cic. 
Without necessity : supervacuo, U. Jet. II. Poverty : 
inopia : indigentia : inopia et necessitas : Cic Neces- 
sity is the mother of invention : ingeniosa rerum egestas, 

NECK. 5. Collum, Cic A neck of land : lingua, 
Liv. : terra in mare excurrens, Plin. To break one's 
neck : sibi cervices frangere, Cic. 

NECKBAND, s. Colli amictus, xls, amiculum. 

NECKCLOTH, s. Caesitium collo circumvolutum. 

NECKERCHIEF, s. Strophium : mamillare : Mart. 

NECKLACE, s. Torques, or torquis : monile : Cic . 
A necklace of pearls : monile baccatum, Virg. 

NECKWEED. s. Cannabis, Col. : cannabum, Pall. 

NECROLOGY. s. A registry of the dead : necrologium. 

NECROMANCER, s. Qui, or quae, artibus magicis manes 
evocat, Suet. : qui, or quae, animas mortuorum elicit, 

NECROMANCY, s. Necromantia, Cic. 

NECTAR, s. Nectar, Cic. 

NECTAREOUS or NECTARINE, a. Nectareus, Mart. 

NECTARINE, s. A sort of peach : Persicumduracinum. 

NEED. s. Opus : penuria : inopia : egestas : Cic To 

be in need of money : pecunia opus habere, Cic. 

To NEED. v. a. and n. Re, or in rei, egere, or indi- 

gere, Cic To need advice : egere consilio, Cic To 

need help : egere auxilio, Cic. 

NEEDFUL, a. Necessarius, Cic. 

NEEDFULLY, ad. Necessario : ex necessitate : Cic. 

NEEDFULNESS, s. Necessitas : inopia : indigentia : 

NEEDILY. ad. In egestate. 

NEEDINESS. s. Inopia : indigentia : inopia et necessi- 
tas: Cic. 

NEEDLE, s. A sewing needle : acus, us : Cic To 

thread a needle : lina per acum immittere, Cels To 
sew with a needle : acu transuere, Cels. The eye of a 
needle : acus foramen An embroidering needle : acus 

Babylonia, or Assyria A mariner's needle : acus mag- 

nete tacta. 

NEEDLE-CASE, s. Capax acuum theca. 

NEEDLEFUL, s. Acia : trajectum acu filum : Cels. 

NEEDLE-MAKER, s. Acuum opifex. 

NEEDLEWORK, s. Opus Phrygium To do a piece 

of needlework : acu pingere. 

NEEDLESSLY, ad. Frustra : incassum : Liv. : inutili- 
ter, Plin. : in vanum, Curt. 

NEEDLESSNESS. s. Inutilitas, Cic. 

NEEDLESS, a. Inutilis : ad nullam partem utilis : Cic. 

NEEDS, ad. Necessarie : ex necessitate : Cic. 

NEEDY, a. Inops : pauper : egenus. To kelp the 
needy : egentibus, or indigentibus, benigne facere. 

NE'ER, ad. Nunquam. 

NEFARIOUS, a. Imprpbus : scelestus : nefarius. 

NEGATION, s. Negatio : negantia : Cic. 

NEGATIVE, a. Negans : inticialis : Cic. 

NEGATIVELY, ad. Negando. 

To NEGLECT. v. a. Negligere : negligentius facere : 
Cic To neglect one's own affairs : indormire rebus suis, 
Cic. : res suas incuriosius agere, Tac. 

NEGLECT, s. Negligcntia: incuria : Cic Neglect of 
one's duty : officii indiligentia : in praestando officio ne- 
gligentia : Cic. 

NEGLECTFUL, a. Indiligens, Ter. : negligens, Cic. : 
incuriosus, Tac. 



NEGLIGENTLY, ad. Negligenter : indiligenter : osci- 
tanter : solute, Cic. : incuriosius, Tac. To act ncgli- , 
gently : rem agere levi, or molli brachio, Cic. 

To NEGOTIATE, v. n. Negotiari : mercaturam facere : 
mercaturis faciendis remj quaerere : negotium curare : 
de re quapiam agere : Cic. 

NEGOTIATION, s. Rerum maximl momenti procuratio. 

NEGOTIATOR, s. Rei maximi moment! procurator. 

NEGRO, s. Negrita, Plin. 

To NEIGH, v. n. Hinnire : hinnitus edere : Ov. 

NEIGH. 5. Hinnitus, us, Cic. : equi fremitus, us, Caes. 
" NEIGHBOUR. 5. Vicinus : fern, vicina : Ter. My 
neighbour : vicinus meus, Cic. 



To NEIGHBOUR, v. a. Tangere : attingere : contin 
gere : Cic. 

NEIGHBOURHOOD, s. Vicinia : vicinitas : Cic. : vici 
nium, Sen. 

NEIGHBOURING, a. Vicinus : finitimus : confirms. 
NEIGHBOURLY, a. Familiaris : affabilis : benignus. 
NEIGHBOURLY, ad. Benigne : cpmiter : commode. 
NEITHER, conj. Nee: neque : Cic. Neither nor, 
nee nee: neque neque. 

NEITHER, pron. s. Neuter To be 'on neither sides 
medium se gerere, Liv. : neutram partem amplecti, Cic. 
NENUPHAR, s. A flower : nymphaea, Plin. 
NEOPHYTE, s. Neophytus. 
NEPENTHE, s. Panaces, Plin. : panacea, Virg. 
NEPHEW, s. Fratris, or sororis, filius, Cic. 
NEPHRITIC, a. Calculosus, Cels. 

NERVE, s. Nervus, Cic A little nerve : nervulus. 

NERVELESS, a. Enervatus, Cic. : enervis, Plin. 
NERVOUS, a. I. Full of nerve : nervis abundans : 
nervis validus : Cels. : nervosus, Plin. II. Good for 
the nerves : nervalis, Scrib. Larg. 

NEST. s. Nidus : cubile : Cic. A whole nest of birds : 
pullatio : pullities : Col. 

To NESTLE, v. n. Nidulari, Varr. : nidificare, Virg. : 

nidum fingere, Cic., facere, Plin., struere, Tac. 

NET. s. Rete, Cic. : retia : retis : Varr. 

To NET. v. a. and n. i. e. To make clear gain , lu- 

crari : lucrifacere : Cic. 

NETHER, a. Demissus : depressus. 

NETHERMOST, a. Infimus : imus. 

NETTING or NETWORK, s. Reticulum subtilius, or 

minutis maculis, Cic. 

NETTLE, s. Urtica.Plin. 

To NETTLE, v. a. Pungere, Ter. : laedere, Cic. : in 

re offendere. 

NEVER, ad. Nunquam. I am so troubled as never 
man was : ita sum afflictus, ut nemo unquam, Cic. 

NEVERTHELESS, conj. Tamen : nihilominus : atta- 
men : veruntamen : Col. : nihilominus tamen : Plin/ 

NEUTER, a. Medius : neutram propensus in partem : 

NEUTER, ad. Neutrum genus. 
NEUTRALITY, s. Neutrius partis studium. 
NEUTRALLY, ad. Neutrali sensu. 

NEW. a. I. Not old, fresh : novus : recens : Cic 

A new house : aedes novae, pi., Plaut. : recens exstructa 
domus. New year: annus incipiens. New comer i 
advena. II. Not experienced : in aliqua re rudis et tiro. 
III. Extraordinary : inusitatus : insolitus : insolens. 
NEW, NEWLY, ad. I. Freshly, lately : nuper: nu- 
perrime : Cic. : recens, Virg. : recentissime, Plin. : nuper 
admodum, Ter. II. In a manner different from the 
former : denuo : de integro. 
NEWFANGLED, a. Novus. 

NEWLY, ad. See NEW. 
NEWNESS, s. Novitas. 
NEWS. s. Nuntius, Cic What news? quid novi? 

Cic What news do you bring? quid apportas ? cedo 

quid portas : Ter. To bring good news : optatissi- 
mum nuntium, Ter., rumorem, alicui apportare. 
NEWSMONGER, s. Rumorum auceps, Bud. 
NEWSPAPER, s. Nuntii publici, pi. 
NEWSWRITER. s. Publicorum nuntiorum scriptor, pro- 

NEWT. s. Stellio, onis, m. 

NEXT. rt. Vicinus : rei cum re continens : proximus : 
propinquus: Cic. The next days dies postefa, or pos- 
ter us, Plin. 

NEXT. ad. Postea : deinde : deinceps : Cic. : post 

NIAS. a. Insulsus : ineptus : stolidus : Cic. 
NIB. s. Rostrum : pennse acumen. 
To NIBBLE, v. a. and n. Dente circumrodere. To 
nibble at the bait: hamum mordere. 

NICE. a. I. Delicate : fastidiosus, Cic. : fastidii ple- 
nus, Plaut.: scrupulosus. II. Exact: accuratus : ex- 
quisitus. III.. Dangerous, ticklish: periculosus. 
IV. Sweet: dulcis. 

NICELY, ad. Accurate : diligenter : sedulo : exquisite : 
magna cum cura et diligentia, Cic. : scrupulose. 

NICETY.*. Cura: accuratiq : sedulitas : Cic.- nimia 

NICHE, s. Loculamentum.Vitr. 
NICK. s. I. Exact point of time : temporis punctum, 
or momentum : or, rerum articulr.s :' Cic. In the very 
nick of time: in tempore, Plaut.': commode: commo- 
dum : opportune: peropportune: in ipso temporis arti- 
culo : Cic, II. Notch: (crena, Plin., doubtful) : inci- 
sura, Plin. 

To NICK. v. a. I. To hit: rem acu tangere, Plaut., 
attingere: conjectura consequi, Cic. II. To cut in 
notches: incidere. III. To deceive: alicui, or ali- 
quem, illudere, Ter. : aliquem deludere, or ludificari, Cic. 
NICKNAME, s. Nomen, or cognomen, ridiculum, jocu- 
larium, or augatorium, Plaut. 

To NICKNAME, v.a. Fcedare aliquem appellatione, 


To NICTATE, v. n. To wink : nictare. 
NIDGET. s. Insulsus : ineptus : stolidus : Cic. 
NIECE. . Fratris, or sororis, filia, Cic. 
NIGGARD, s. Parcipromus : avarus. 
NIGGARD or NIGGARDLY, a. Avarus : divitiarum cu- 
pidus : Cic. : ad rem avidior j tenax : Ter. : parcus et 
tenax, Cic. 

To NIGGARD, v. a. To stint: circumdare j finire : or, 
terminis definire : Cic. 

NIGGARDLINESS. *. Nimia parcimonia, Ter. : sordes. 
Cic. : tenacitas, Liv. 

NIGGARDLY, ad. Sordide : parce : Cic. : nimium 
parce, Ter. 

NIGH. a. Vicinus: propinquus: Cic. Nt'ghers pro- 

NIGH. ad. Prope. Death is nig* at hands in pro- 
pinquo mors est, Cels. 

NIGH. prep. Prope : propter : Cic. : juxta, Nep. 
To NIGH. v. n. Alicui, or ad aliquem, appropinquare, 
or proxime accedere : aspirare ad : Cic. 
NIGHLY. ad. Fere : ferme : pene : ad : Cic. 
NIGHNESS. s. Vicinia : vicinitas : propinquitas : Cic. 
NIGHT, s. Nox, Cic. A long nights ox annua, Ov. 
By night, or in the night time : nocte : noctu : de nocte : 

per noctem : Cic In the middle of the night j media 

nocte. Night and day : noctu et interdiu, Ter. : noctu 
diuque, Cic. : nocte ac die, Plin. 

NIGHTCAP, s. Pileolus nocturnus : pileum dormito- 

NIGHT-DEW, s. Nocturni vapores, pi., Hor., rores, pi., 
Plin.: aura serotina : nocturnae aurae, pi. : Lucr. 

NIGHT-FIRE, s. Volaticus ignis. 

NIGHTGOWN, s. Cyclas, Propert. : cubicularis vestis. 

NIGHTINGALE, s. Luscinia, Hor. : philomela, Virg. 

NIGHTLY, ad. Nocte: noctu : per noctem: de nocte: 

NIGHTLY, a. Nocturnus. 

NIGHTMAN, s. Latrinarum purgator, J. Firm. 

NIGHTMARE, s. Nocturna suppressio, Plin. 

NIGHT-ROBBER, s. Fur nocturnus, Cic. 

NIGHTSHADE, s. Solatium, Cels. 

NIGHT-WATCH. *. Excubiae, pi. : vigilise, pi. 

To NILL. v . a. Abnuere : recusare : repudiare : reji- 
cere : noli : Cic. 

NILL. *. Stricturse, pi., Plin. 

NIMBLE, a. Agilis, Liv. : promptus : expeditus : ala- 
cer: Cic. 

NIMBLENESS. s. Agilitas : expedita celeritas : Cic. : 
agilis industria, Col. 

NIMBLY, ad. Expedite : alacriter :' maxima cclcritate : 
Cic. : agiliter, Col. 

NINE. a. (numer.) Novem: noveni, Varr. Nine 
times: novies Nine days: novendium. 

NINEFOLD, ad. Novies, Varr. 

NINEPINS, s. pi. Metularum ludus To play at nine- 
jins : naetulis ludere. 

NINETEEN, a. (numer.) Decem et novem : undevi- 
ginti: Cic. 

NINETEENTH, a. Nonusdecimus,Tac.:undevigesimus: 
undevicesimus, Liv. 

NINETIETH, a. Nonagesimus. 

NINETY, ad. Nonaginta, Cic. 

NINNY or NINNYHAMMER. *. Bardus : ineptus : sto- 

NINTH, a. Nonus, Cic. 

NINTHLY, a. Nono loco. 

To NIP. v. a. Vellicare: maledico dentem'carpere : 
Oic To nip with cold : urere. 

NIPPERS, s.pl. Forceps, Virg. 

NIPPLE, s. Papilla. 

NIT. s. Lens, Plin. 

NITRE. *. Nitrum, Virg. 

NITROUS or NITRY. a. Nitrosus, Plin. 

NIVEOUS, a. Niveus, Cic. 

No (for No ONE, NONE), a. Nullus: nemo: Cic 

have no affair s nihil mihi est'negotii. Of no effect} 
ullius auctoritatis, or ppnderis In no manner : by 
no means : nullo pacto : nullo prorsus modo : minime 
)mnino : minime : nequaquam : neutiquam : Cic. 

No. ad. Non: minime. 

NOBILITY, s. Nobilitas : nobile genus : generis cl- 
itas et amplitude : Cic. 

NOBLE, a. I. Highborn : npbilis : nobili loco natus : 
Cic.: generosus, Hor.: natalibus, or genere, clarus, 
Tac. II. Great, excellent s nobilis : eximius : prae- 
tans : Cic. A noble mind : excelsus animus, Cic. 

NOBLE or NOBLEMAN. s. NoMlis homo : vir natalibus, 
>r genere, clarus, Cic. 

NOBLENESS, s. Nobilitas, Sail. : nobile genus : gene- 
ris claritas et amplitude : Cic Nobleness of sentiment : 
animi nobilitas, Ov., excelsitas, Cic Nobleness of style f 
jrationis elatio et altitude, Ov. : magniloquentia, Cic. 

NOBLY, ad. Praeclare, Cic. : nobiliter, Plin. : splen- 
dide : magnifice : eximie : Cic. 

NOBODY. *. Nemo : nullus : nemo homo : Cic. 


NOCTAMBULIST. s. Noctivagus, Lucr. : qui, or quse, 
dormiens ambulat. 

NOCTURNAL, a. Nocturnus, Cic. 

NOD. *. Nutus, us, Cic. 

To NOD. v . n. Nutare. 

NOODLE, s. A head (in contempt) : caput : occipi- 

NODDY. S. Stolidus : ineptus. 

NODE. s. Nodus, Cic. 

NODOUS. a. Nodosus, Col. 

NOISE, s. Sonitus, us : sonus : strepidus, us : fragor. 

To NOISE, v. n. Strepere : fremere : Cic. 

To NOISE ABROAD, v. a. Rumores in vulgus dissemi- 
nare, Cic. : rumores spargere, Liv. : rumores varies 
serere, Virg. 

NOISEFUL. a. Strepens : fragosus : Val. Flac. 

NOISELESS, a. Silcns : tacitus : quietus. 

NOISINESS, s. Turba : tumultus, us : Cic. 

NOISOME, a. Nocens : perniciosus : Cic. : noxius, Ov.: 
exitiosus, Cic. : damnosus, Ter. 

NOISY, a. Strepens : fragosus : Val. Flac. 

NOMENCLATOR. s. Nomenclator, Cic. 

NOMENCLATURE, s. Nomenclatio, Cic. 

NOMINAL, a. Ad nomen pertinens : nominalis. 

NOMINALLY, ad. Nominatim, Cic. : particulariter, 
Plin. : (speciatim, Asc. Fed.). 

To NOMINATE, v . a. Designare : nominare. 

NOMINATION, s. Nominatio, Cic. 

NOMINATIVE, a. and s. (In grammar): nominativus 
casus, us. 

NONAGE, s. JEtas minor, Cic., pupillaris, Suet. 

NONAPPEARANCE. s. (In law) : desertum vadimonium. 
| NONATTENDANCE. s. ( In law) : contumacia. 

NONCONFORMIST, s. Dissidens, Cic. 

NONE. a. Nullus : nemo : Cic. 

NONES, s. pi. Nonae, Cic. 

NONEXISTENCE or NONENTITY, s. Nihil : nihilum: 

NONPERFORMANCE. s. Neglecta rei exsecutio. 

To NONPLUS, v. a. Ad incitas redigere. To be at a 
nonplus : ad incitas redigi. 

NONRESIDENCE. s. Absentia, Cic. 

NONRESIDENT, a. Absens. 

NONRESISTANCE. s. Tolerantia. 

NONSENSE, s. Ineptiae, pi. : nugae, pi. 

NONSENSICAL, a. Absurdus : ineptus: insulsus : Cic. 

NONSENSICALNESS. s. Insulsitas, Cic. 

To NONSUIT, v. a. (A law term.) Actionem facere 
irritum. To be nonsuited: causam perdere: causa 
cadere, Cic. 

NOODLE, s. Ineptus: stolidus : insulsus. 

NOOK. s. Angulus : secessus, us : Cic. 

NOON. s. Meridies : hora meridiana : Cic. At noon : 
meridie : meridiano tempore, Cic. : medio die. 

NOONDAY, s. Meridies: hora merid-iana : Cic. At 
noonday : meridie ipso. 

NOONTIDE, s. Meridies : hora meridiana : Cic. 

NOOSE, s. Nodus fluens : laqueus currax. The matri- 
monial noose .: vincla jugalia, Virg., connubialia, Stat. 

NOR. conj. Nee: neque:Cic Neither nor: nee 
nee : neque neque. 

NORTH, j. Septentrio, Virg. 

NORTH, NORTHERLY, or NORTHERN, a. Septentrio. 
nalis, Virg. : borealis. The north wind : boreas : aquilo : 
Cic. The north pole : polus arcticus. 

NORTH-EAST, s. Etesias. North-east winds : etesiae, 
Plin. J. 

NORTH STAR. *. Stella polaris. 

NORTHWARD or NORTHWARDS, ad. Septentrionetn ver- 

NORTH-WEST WIND. s. Caurus, Virg. 

NORTH WIND. s. Boreas : aquilo, .Cic. : Septentrio : 
aparctias : Cic. : "Liv. 

NOSE. s. Nasus, Cic Flat-nosed: simus. 

To NOSE. v. a. Facere contra aliquem : refragari : 

NOSEBAND, s. (Of a bridle) : fiscella, Catull. : fiscel- 
lum, Col. 

NOSEBLEED, s. (In botany): millefolium: myrio- 

NOSEGAY, s. Florum fasciculus : Cic. : olfactorium, 

Plin To make a nosegay : flores in fasciculum colli- 


NOSTRILS, s. pi. Nares. 

NOT. ad. Non : baud : minus : minime : nihil (In 
interrogations): annon : nonne Not at all,- non om- 
nino : non prorsus: Cic.: nequaquam: neutiquam. 
Not as yet : nondum : necdum. Not one: ne unus qui- 
dem. / know not whether: baud scio an, Cic Not 
Ions after : baud multo post : or, nee ita multo post. 
N .8. Nihil and nullus may be elegantly used for non: 
e. g. nihil dico quis fuerit Brutus, I do not say, &c 
Philotimus non mpdo nullus venit, does not come, Cic. 
After verbs of fearing, Not is rendered by ut : e. g. vereor, 
t ut possim, I cannot, Cic. Do not fear : ne metuas 
And not without cause : nee injuria. Not to be tedious : 
nemulta: nemultis: Cic. 


NOTABLE, a. Insignis : notabilis : Cic.: fflustris : 
spectabihs To be notable : enitere. 

NOTABLY, ad. Insigniter : notabiliter : Cic. : Plin. J. 

NOTARY, s. Libellio, Varr. : (tabellio, U. Jet.") tabu- 
larius, Tac. 

NOTATION, s. Animadversio : notatio : Cic. : adno- 
tatio, Quint. 

NOTCH, s. (Perhaps, crena, Plin.) : incisura Plin 

To NOTCH, v. a. Incidere : excidere : Col. 

NOTE. s. I. A mark : hota, Cic Note of infamy : 
turpitudinis labes, Cic. : inusta macula, Liv. : sugillatio, 
Plin. II. An annotation: nota : pi., observations' 
Suet.: adnotationes, Quint. III. (Of music) : notae 
musicae, pi., Quint. 

To NOTE. v. a. I. To remark : advertere : animad- 
vertere : adnotare, Plin. II. (In music) : cantica notis 
musicis excipere, Quint. 

NOTEBOOK, s. Pugillaria, Catull.: codicilli, Cic.: 
pugillares, Plin. J. 

NOTED, a. Notabilis: insignis: Cic. A noted cha- 
racter : Vir praestans, Cic. 

NOTHING. *. Nihil. Nothing at all: nihil prorsus, 
Ter., quidquam: omnino nihil: Cic Nothing more: 

nihil amplius, Cic Nothing less : nihil minus, Cic 

To sett for nothing: vilissime vendere, Cic. 

NOTHINGNESS, s. Nihil : nihilum : Cic. 

NOTICE, s. Animadversio: notatio : ICic. : adnotatio, 
Quint.: monitio : monitum To give notice: aliquem 
admonere aliquid, Cic., alicujus rei, Sail. : rei, or de re, 
facere certiorem : rem alicui significare : declarare : de- 
nuntiare : or, renuntiare : Cic. 

NOTIFICATION, s. Denuntiatio : significatio : declaratio : 

To NOTIFY, v. a. Rem alicui denuntiare : significare : 
declarare: Cic.: notam facere, Suet.: notificare, Cell. 

NOTION, s. Notio : impressa in animo forma rerum : 

NOTIONAL, a. In animo informatus, Cic. 

NOTORIETY, s. Notitia rei pervulgata. 

NOTORIOUS, a. Manifestus : notus : pervulgatus : Cic. 
The fact is notorious : illustre notumque omuibus 
factum, Cic. 

NOTORIOUSLY, ad. Manifeste : ut omnes norunt, Cic. 

To NOTT. v. a. Tondere, Cic. : tonsitare, Plin. 

NOTWITHSTANDING, conj. Nihilominus : nihilo tamea 
minus : attamen : verumtamen : Cic. 

NOVATION, s. Immutatio : inveterati mods mutatio : 

NOVATOR. s. Novarum rerum molitor, Suet. 

NOVEL, a. Novus : recens : Cic. : nuperus, Plaut. 

NOVEL, s. Fabularis historia, Suet.: fabulosa nar 

NOVELIST. *. Tabulator, Cell. 

NOVELTY, s. Novitas. 

NOVEMBER, s. November : mensis November : Cic.] 

NOUGHT.*. Nihil: nihilum. 

NOVICE, s. In re rudis et tiro, Cic. 

NOVITIATE, s. Tirocinium. 

NOUN. s. (In grammar) : nomen. 

To NOURISH, v. a. 1. To support life : alere : corpus 
sustentare: Ter.: nutricare, Varr. : nutrire, Juv. II 
To entertain : alere : nutrire : fovere : Cic. 

NOURISHER. *. Nutritius, Col. : nutritor, Suet. 

NOURISHMENT.*. Alimentum: cibus : Cic To take 
nourishment : ,cibum capere, or capescere: cibo vesci 
oruti: Cic. 

Now. ad. Nunc : jam : modo : in praesenti, Ter. : 
in praesentia, Cic.: hodie : hoc tempore Now and 
then: subinde: nonnunquam : identidem. Now or 
ever: nullum erit tempus, hoc amisso, Cic They 
stand now on one foot, now on another: alternis pedibus 
instant. Plin Unheard of till now : ante hoc tempus 
inauditum, Cic. 

Now. conj. Atqui. 

Now. s. Tempus praesens. 

NOW-A-DAYS. ad. Hoc tempore : hoc a?vo : hodie : in 
praesenti : in praesentia : nunc dierum : in his tempori- 
bus : Cic. 

NOWHERE, ad. Nusquam, Ter.: Cic. 

NOWISE, ad. Nullo pacto : nullo prorsus modo : 
minime omnino : minime : nequaquam : neutiquam : 

Noxious, a. Nocens : perniciosus : noxius : or, 
exitiosus, Cic.: damnosus, Ter. 

NOZLE. s. Nasi primoris acumen, Lucr. 

NUBILE, a. Nubilis. 

NUDATION. s. Nudatio. 

NUDITY, s. Nudatum corpus. 

NUGACITY. s. Futilitas, Cic. 

NUGATORY, a. Futilis, Cic. : frivolus. - 

NUISANCE, s. Damnum : incommoditas : Plaut. : In- 
commodum, Cic. 

To NULL. v. a. Irritum, or nullum, facere, Cic. 

NULL. a. Irritus : nullus : Cic. 

To NULLIFY, v. a. Abrogare : rescindere : Cic. To 
nullify a law : legem antiquare, Cic., refigere> Virg. 

NULLITY, s. Vitium, Cic. 
O 4 



NUMB. a. Torpens, Cic. : torpidus, Liv. : stupens, 

To NUMB. v. a. Torporem obducere, Plin A great 

cold numbs the body : astringit membra vis frigoris, 

NUMBEDNESS. . Torpor, Cic. : torpedo, Sail. 

To NUMBER, v. a. Numerare : dinumerare : enume- 
rare : Cic. 

NUMBER.*. Numerus, Cic A large number : plu- 

rimi, ae, a Without number : innumerabilis, Cic. 

NUMBERLESS, a. Innumerabilis, Cic. 

NUMERABLE, d'. Nsunerabilis, Ov. : Hor. 

NUMERAL, a. Quod numerum indicat : numeralis : 
Prise. : quod ad numerum pertinet. 

NUMERATION, s. Numeratio. 

NUMERICAL, a. Quod ad numerum pertinet. 

NUMEROSITY. *. Multitude : maxima copia : frequens 
numerus : Cic 4 

NUMEROUS, a. Numerosus. 

NUMEROUSNESS. 5. Multitude : frequens numerus : 

NUMSKULL. s. Insulsus : stolidus : fatuus. 

NUMSKULLED. a. Hebes : slolidus : stupidus : excors : 

NUN. *. Quae religioso ordini nomen dedit : virgo Deo 
addicta : Virgo, or mulier, e religioso ccetu : virgo vesta- 
lis : (monastria, Justin.). 

NUNCIATURE, s. The office of a nuncio : legatio : pon- 
tificii legati munus. 

NUNCIO. 5. An envoy of the Pope: summi pontificis 
legatus : pontificius legatus. 

NUNNERY, s. Virginum sacrarum ccenobium, or mo- 

NUPTIAL, a. Nuptialis, Cic. Nuptial beds lectus 
jugalis, Virg. : socialis torus, Ov. 

NUPTIALS, s. pi. Nuptias: matrimonium. 

NURSE. . I. A wet-nurse : nutrix, Cic. II. A 
dry-nurse: quae puerum educandum suscipit. III. A 
nurse for a sick person : adhibita aegroto custos. 

To NURSE, v. a. Educare : instituere : infonnare. 

NURSE-CHILD. *. Alumnus, Cic.: fern, alumna. 

NURSERY, s. I. A place in which children are 
reared : cubiculum ubi pueri, or parvuli, nutriuntur. 
i II. A plantation of young trees: seminar ium, Col.: 

plantanum, Plin Fig. : A 

: A nursery of learning : aca- 
Seminariorum curator : planta- 


riorum cultor. 

NURSLING. *. Alumnus, Cic. : fern, alumna. 

NURTURE, s. Alimentum : cibus : Cic. 

To NURTURE, v.n. Educare: instituere: informare. 

To NUSTLE. v. a. Mollius pueros habere, Cic. 

NUT. s. A fruit : nux. A walnut : nux juglans : Plin. 
'A hazel-nut or small nut : Avellana : nux Avellana. 

NUT-BROWN, a. Ex rutilo nigrescens. 

NUT-CRACKERS, s. Nucifrangibulum. 

NUTGALL. st Excrescence of an oak : galla, Col. 

NUTMEG, s. Nux aromatica: nux moschata or mv- 

NUTSHELL, s. Putamen, Cic. 

NUT-TREE. *. (Hazel) : corylus, Virg Walnut- 
tree : nux : nux juglans : Plin. 

NUTRIMENT or NUTRITION. *. Alimentum: cibus: 


lens: alibilis: Varr. 

NUTRITURE. s. Alimentum ^ cibus : Cic. 
NYMPH. s. Nympha, Cic. 

nam : but now, on the other hand /surely, for it is certain
nam : conj, for, for example, instance
nam : namque : (conj.) for /for example, for instance /but now, certainly.
Namucense : Namur.
narro : to make known, say, speak, narrate.
nascor  nasci  natus : to be born, spring forth.
natalis natalis : birthday.
natio : nation, people.
natio nationis : nation, race, people, breed /pagan people
natu : (ab,sing.) by birth.
natura : nature
nauta : sailor.
navale : ship's station, dockyard.
navigatio : voyage, navigation.
navigo : to sail, navigate.
navis navis : ship, vessel, boat.
navitas : energy, get up and go.
ne ... quidem : not ... even.
ne : (conj.) that ... not, in order that ... not, in order not to.
nebulosus : misty, foggy.
nec ... nec : neither nor.
nec : conj, and not
nec tamen : and yet ... not.
necdum (neque dum) : and not yet.
necessarius : necessary, needed, essential, necessary.
necesse : (adj.) necessary, unavoidable, indispensable.
necne : or not.
necnon : and also.
neco : to kill, slay, put to death.
necto : to tie up, bind, fasten
nefas : wrong, sin.
nego : to deny, refuse a request, deny something to someone
negotium : employment, business, task, occupation, pains.
nemo : no one, nobody.
nemorosus : wooded, covered with trees, forested
neo : to spin, interweave. (to spin thread and yarn).
nepos nepotis : grandson.
nequam : worthless, good for nothing, bad.
nequaquam : by no means, not at all.
neque ... neque : neither ... nor.
neque nec : and not, nor.
nequeo : not to be able, to be impossible.
nequequam : by no means, not at all
nequiter : wretchedly
nequitia nequities : worthlessness, badness, wickedness.
nescio : to be ignorant, be unaware, not know, be unkowing.
nichilominus : nevertheless.
nidor : vapor, smell, reek, odor.
niger : black.
nihil : (undeclinable) nothing
nihildom : nothing as yet
nihilominus : nevertheless
nihilominus nichilominus : nevertheless, notwithstanding
nihilum : nothing.
nimirum : of course, undoubtedly, certainly (sometimes ironical).
nimis : (adv.) too much, overmuch, excessively
nimis : adv. too much, overmuch, excessively
nimium : (adv.) too much, overmuch, excessively.
nisi : if not, unless, except.
niteo : to shine, glitter, be bright, glow, be sleek, flourish.
nitesco : to begin to shine, grow sleek.
nitesco : to begn to shine /to grow fat or sleek
nitidus : bright, shining /fat, sleek /flowering
nitor : brillance, brightness, glow, elegance, splendor.
nitor : to rest, lean, support oneself / trust in, depend upon.
nitor : to strive, exert oneself, make an effort, persevere.
nitor : splendor, glow, elegance, brilliance, brightness.
Nivellensem : Nivelles, city and monastery.
niveus : white, snowy.
nixor : to lean against /strive, strain, labor, struggle.
nixus : strain, effort.
no : (nare, navi) to swim, float, fly, sail.
no : -are : being done, made
nobis : (abl.) us /there'll be no one as happy as US.
nobis : (dat.) us /the world belongs to US.
nocens : bad, wicked, injurious, culpable, evil.
noceo : (+ dat.) to do harm to, inflict injury, hurt.
noceo : do harm, inflict injury.
nolo : nolle : nolui : to be unwilling, wish not to, refuse.
nomen : name.
nomen Romanorum : Roman power.
nominatim : by name, expressly.
nomine tenus : nominally, in name.
non solum :... sed etiam : not only ... but also
non : not.
nondum : not yet
nonnisi : not? not unless?
nonnullus : some /pl. several.
nonnumquam : sometimes.
nonus : ninth.
nos : us /they tried to tell US we're too young.
nos : we /WE live and die by that creed.
nosco : to become acquainted with, get to know.
noster nostra nostrum : our, ours.
noster nostri : our ours /that old dream of OURS
noster nostri : our ours /OUR hearts beat as one.
nota : mark, token, note, sign.
notabilis : -e, noteworthy, notable, notorious
notarius : stenographer (class.), notary, legal scribe.
noto-are : make note, mark down
novem : nine.
novitas : newness, novelty, strangeness.
novo : to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.
novus : new, fresh, young, inexperienced, revived, refreshed.
novus : novel, unusual, extraordinary /news, novelty, a new thing
nox noctis : night.
nullus : not any, no, none.
numerus : total, category, class, number.
numquam : at no time, never.
nunc : now, at the present time, soon, at this time.
nunc quidem : at one time...then.
nuncupo : to call, proclaim
nunquam : never.
nuntio : to announce, report, relate.
nuntium-i : n, messenger
nuntius : messenger, message.
nuper : newly, recently, not long ago.
nusquam : nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never.
nusquam esse : not to exist.
nusquam : nowhere, on no occasion / nusquam esse -- not exist
nutrimens : food, nourishment.
nutrimentus : nourishment.
nutrio : to suckle, nourish, bring up, rear.
nutus : a nodding, nod, command, will.
nutus : a nod, command, will / gravitation, movement down.

N., abb.
Numerius (Roman praenomen); (abb. N./Num.);
nable, nablis
psaltery; (pl. 10/12 stringed instrument w/sounding board behind strings OED);
nablium, nablii
psaltery; (10/12 stringed instrument w/sounding board behind strings OED);
nablum, nabli
psaltery; (10/12 stringed instrument w/sounding board behind strings OED);
nadir, undeclined
truly, indeed, verily, assuredly; (particle of assurance); (w/personal PRON);
naevus, naevi
mole (on the body); birthmark;
Naias, Naiados/is
Naiad; water nymph; nymph;
Nais, Naidos/is
Naiad; water nymph; nymph;
for, on the other hand; for instance;
for and in fact, on the other hand; insomuch as (strengthened nam);
nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum DEP
obtain, get; find, meet with, receive, stumble on, light on;
nanciscor, nancisci, nanctus sum DEP
obtain, get; find, meet with, receive, stumble on, light on;
nanus, nani
naphtha, naphthae
naphtha; flammable/volitile petro-liquid;
naptha, napthae [EXXFW]
naphtha; (Vulgate Prayer of Azariah 1:23); flammable/volitile petro-liquid;
narcissinus, narcissina, narcissinum
of the narcissus (flower);
narcissismus, narcissismi
narcissus, narcissi
narcissus (flower); son of Cephisus and Liriope; rich freedman of Claudius;
narcomania, narcomaniae
narcoticus, narcotica, narcoticum
nardifer, nardifera, nardiferum
producing/bearing nard (an aromatic plant);
nardinum, nardini
wine flavored with nard (an aromatic plant);
nardinus, nardina, nardinum
of/pertaining to nard (an aromatic plant); resembling/smelling like nard; nard-;
nardum, nardi
unguent/balsam/oil of nard (an aromatic plant); the plant nard;
nardus, nardi
unguent/balsam/oil of nard (an aromatic plant); the plant nard;
naris, naris
nostril; nose (pl.);
narrabilis, narrabilis, narrabile
that can be narrated;
narratio, narrationis
narrative, story;
narratiuncula, narratiunculae
short narrative;
narratus, narratus
narrative, story;
narro, narrare, narravi, narratus
tell, tell about, relate, narrate, recount, describe;
narta, nartae
ski (instrument);
nartatio, nartationis
skiing (sport);
nartator, nartatoris
nartatorius, nartatoria, nartatorium
narthecium, narthecii
box for perfumes and medicines;
narto, nartare, nartavi, nartatus
nasalizatio, nasalizationis
nasciturus, nascitura, nasciturum
about to be born/come into being; should be born/rise; (FUT ACTIVE PPL nascor);
nascor, nasci, natus sum DEP
be produced spontaneously, come into existence/being; spring forth, grow; live;
be born/begotten/formed/destined; rise (stars), dawn; start, originate; arise;
nassa, nassae
basket for catching fish; a trap, snare;
nassiterna, nassiternae
nasturcium, nasturcii
kind of cress;
nasus, nasi
nose; sense of smelling;
nasutus, nasuta, nasutum
having long nose;
nata, natae
daughter; child;
natalicium, natalicii
birthday party (pl.);
natalicius, natalicia, natalicium
relating to birth;
natalis, natalis
birthday/anniversary; date of birth/founding/manufacture/origin; birthplace;
time of birth; horoscope; circumstances of birth; parentage (pl.), origins;
natalis, natalis, natale
natal, of birth;
natatilis, natatilis
swimming creature;
natatilis, natatilis, natatile
that can swim; swimmable;
natator, natatoris
natatus, natatus
natio, nationis
nation, people; birth; race, class, set; gentiles; heathens;
nationalis, nationalis, nationale
nationalismus, nationalismi
nationalitas, nationalitatis
natis, natis
buttocks (usu. pl.), rump;
nativitas, nativitatis
birth; nativity; (of Christ);
nativus, nativa, nativum
original; innate; natural; born;
nato, natare, natavi, natatus
swim; float;
natrix, natricis
water-snake; whip; a plant;
natura, naturae
nature; birth; character;
naturalis, naturalis [ESXDX]
physical/natural scientist; physicist; natural philosopher;
naturalis, naturalis, naturale
natural, normal, typical, characteristic; innate, inherent; physical (science);
natural; (not adoptive, parents); (parts of body/genitals, excretory outlets);
naturally, normally; inherently, by nature; spontaneously; by human nature;
naturalizatio, naturalizationis
naturans, (gen.), naturantis
creative nature;
naturo, naturare, naturavi, naturatus
produce naturally;
natus, nata, natum
born, arisen; made; destined; designed, intended, produced by nature; aged, old;
natus, nati
son; child; children (pl.);
natus, natus
birth; age, years [minor natu => younger; major natu => older];
nauarchia, nauarchiae [DWXFS]
command of a ship/vessel;
nauarchus, nauarchi
master/captain of a ship; skipper;
naucleria, naucleriae [DWXFS]
command of a ship/vessel;
nauclericus, nauclerica, nauclericum
captain's, of/belonging to a ship's captain;
nauclerius, naucleria, nauclerium
captain's, of/belonging to a ship's captain;
nauclerius, nauclerii [EWXFW]
master of a ship/vessel;
nauclerus, naucleri
captain of a ship; master/owner/skipper
naucum, nauci
trifle; [non nauci habere => think nothing of];
naufragium, naufragi(i)
naufrago, naufragare, naufragavi, naufragatus
be shipwrecked;
naufragus, naufraga, naufragum
shipwrecked; ruined; causing shipwreck;
naulum, nauli
fare, passage money;
naupegus, naupegi
shipwright; ship builder;
nausea, nauseae
nausea; seasickness;
nauseo, nauseare, nauseavi, nauseatus
be sea-sick; feel sick;
nauseola, nauseolae
nausia, nausiae
nausea; seasickness;
nausio, nausiare, nausiavi, nausiatus
be sea-sick; feel sick;
nauta, nautae
sailor, seaman, mariner;
nauticus, nautica, nauticum
nautical, naval;
nauticus, nautici
seamen (pl.), sailors;
navale, navalis
dock, shipway;
navalis, navalis, navale
naval, of ships;
with zeal;
navicula, naviculae
small ship;
navicularia, naviculariae
business of a ship-owner;
navicularius, navicularia, navicularium
of (small) ships;
navifragus, navifraga, navifragum
navigabilis, navigabilis, navigabile
navigable, suitable for shipping;
navigatio, navigationis
sailing; navigation; voyage;
naviger, navigera, navigerum
ship-bearing, navigable;
navigium, navigi(i)
vessel, ship;
navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatus
sail; navigate;
navis, navis
ship; [navis longa => galley, battleship; ~ oneraria => transport/cargo ship];
navita, navitae
sailor, seaman, mariner; (early, late, and poetic);
diligently; wholly;
navmachia, navmachiae
mock sea battle staged as spectacle/game/exercise;
navmachiarius, navmachiari(i)
one who takes part in a mock sea battle staged as spectacle/game/exercise;
navmachiarius, navmachiaria, navmachiarium
of a lake constructed for mock sea battles staged as spectacle/game/exercise;
navo, navare, navavi, navatus
do with zeal; [operam navare => do one's best];
navus, nava, navum
active, industrious;
Nazara, Nazarae [DEQES]
Nazareth; city in Palestine; (home of the parents of Jesus);
nazaraeus, nazaraei [EEXFS]
Nazaraeus, Nazaraei
Nazarite; man set apart to the service of God;
Nazarenus, Nazarena, Nazarenum
Nazarene, of/from/belonging to Nazareth; "Christian";
Nazarenus, Nazareni [DEXDS]
Christ, the Nazarene;
Nazareth, undeclined
Nazareth; city in Palestine; (home of the parents of Jesus);
Nazareus, Nazarea, Nazareum
Nazarene, of/from/belonging to Nazareth; "Christian";
Nazarus, Nazara, Nazarum[EEXCS]
Nazarene, of/from/belonging to Nazareth; "Christian";
nazismus, nazismi
nazista, nazistae
nazoreus, nazorei [EEXFW]
Nazarite; man set apart to the service of God; (1 Maccabees 3:49);
not; (intro clause of purpose with subj verb); [ne....quidem => not even];
truly, indeed, verily, assuredly; (particle of assurance); (w/personal PRON);
that not, lest; (for negative of IMP);
nebrida, nebridae
Ceres priest;
nebula, nebulae
mist, fog; cloud (dust/smoke/confusion/error); thin film, veneer; obscurity;
nebulo, nebulonis
rascal, scoundrel; worthless person;
nebulosus, nebulosa, nebulosum
misty, foggy; characterized by/subject to/resembling mist, vaporous; obscure;
nor; and not, not, neither, not even;
nor, and..not; not..either, not even;
and/but not yet;
necessaria, necessariae
connection (female), she closely connected by friendship/family/obligation;
necessarily; indispensably; as a necessary consequence;
unavoidably, without option; necessarily, of necessity; inevitably/unavoidably;
necessarium, necessarii
necessities (pl.), what is needed; necessities of life;
necessarius, necessari(i)
relative; connection, one closely connected by friendship/family/obligation;
necessarius, necessaria, necessarium
necessary/needed/essential/indispensable; vital/private (body part); close tied;
inevitable, fateful; urgent/critical; unavoidable/compulsory; natural (death);
necesse, undeclined
necessary, essential; unavoidable, compulsory, inevitable; a natural law; true;
necessest V 5 1 PRES ACTIVE IND 3 S IMPERS
it is necessary/essential/unavoidable/true; it is inevitable/by natural law;
necessis, undeclined
necessary, essential; unavoidable, compulsory, inevitable; a natural law; true;
necessitas, necessitatis
need/necessity; inevitability; difficult straits; poverty; obligation; bond;
necessitudo, necessitudinis
obligation; bond, connection, affinity; compulsion; needs; poverty; relative;
necesso, necessare, necessavi, necessatus
render/make necessary;
necessum, undeclined
necessary; imperative; unavoidable, compulsory, inevitable; a natural law; true;
necessus, undeclined
necessary, imperative; unavoidable, compulsory, inevitable; a natural law; true;
neclectus, neclecta -um, neclectior -or -us, neclectissimus -a -um
disregarded, not cared for, neglected, ignored; carelessly made/done;
neclectus, neclectus
neglect; fact of taking no notice;
neclegens, neclegentis (gen.), neclegentior -or -us, neclegentissimus -a -um
heedless, neglectful, careless; unconcerned, indifferent; slovenly; unruly;
neclegenter, neclegentius, neclegentissime
heedlessly, neglectfully, carelessly; unconcernedly, indifferently; slovenly;
neclegentia, neclegentiae
heedlessness, neglect; carelessness, negligence; coldness; disrespect;
neclego, neclegere, neclexi, neclectus
disregard, neglect, ignore, regard of no consequence; do nothing about; despise;
or not;
nor; and not, not, neither, not even; and also, and indeed;
neco, necare, necavi, necatus
kill/murder; put to death; suppress, destroy; kill (plant); quench/drown (fire);
neco, necare, necui, nectus
kill/murder; put to death; suppress, destroy; kill (plant); quench/drown (fire);
necopinans, (gen.), necopinantis
not expecting; unawares;
necopinatus, necopinata, necopinatum
unexpected, unforeseen;
necopinus, necopina, necopinum
unexpected; not expecting;
necopmus, necopma, necopmum
unexpected, unforeseen;
necrocomium, necrocomii
necrologia, necrologiae
necrosis, necrosis
nectar, nectaris
nectar, the drink of the gods; anything sweet, pleasant or delicious;
nectareus, nectarea, nectareum
sweet as nectar;
necto, nectere, nexui, nexus
tie, bind;
lest anywhere/at any place; lest on any occasion; that nowhere;
lest from anywhere;
still less; not to speak of; much more;
nefandus, nefanda, nefandum
impious, wicked; abominable;
wickedly, impiously; nefariously, abominably; heinously;
nefarium, nefarii
crime; wicked/impious/nefarious/heinous act;
nefarius, nefaria, nefarium
wicked, evil, offending moral law; criminal, abominable; horrible/vile/foul;
impious; nefarious; execrable; heinous; abandoned
nefas, undeclined
sin, violation of divine law, impious act; [fas et nefas => right and wrong];
nefastus, nefasta, nefastum
contrary to divine law; [dies nefasti => days unfit for public business];
negatio, negationis
denial, refusal; negation (action); negative (Souter); betrayal;
negatively; in the negative (Souter);
negativus, negativa, negativum
restraining, inhibiting (legal actions); denied/refused; negative (of words);
negator, negatoris
denier, one who denies; apostate;
negidius, negidii [ELXEX]
Negidius; fictional name in Law;
negito, negitare, negitavi, negitatus
deny or refuse repeatedly;
neglectus, neglecta -um, neglectior -or -us, neglectissimus -a -um
disregarded, not cared for, neglected, ignored; carelessly made/done;
neglectus, neglectus
neglect; fact of taking no notice;
neglegens, neglegentis (gen.), neglegentior -or -us, neglegentissimus -a -um
heedless, neglectful, careless; unconcerned, indifferent; slovenly; unruly;
neglegenter, neglegentius, neglegentissime
heedlessly, neglectfully, carelessly; unconcernedly, indifferently; slovenly;
neglegentia, neglegentiae
heedlessness, neglect; carelessness, negligence; coldness; disrespect;
neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectus
disregard, neglect, ignore, regard of no consequence; do nothing about; despise;
negligenter, negligentius, negligentissime
heedlessly, neglectfully, carelessly; unconcernedly, indifferently; slovenly;
negligentia, negligentiae
heedlessness, neglect; carelessness, negligence; coldness; disrespect;
negligo, negligere, neglixi, neglictus
disregard, neglect, ignore, regard of no consequence; do nothing about; despise;
nego, negare, additional, forms V
deny, refuse; say ... not;
nego, negare, negavi, negatus
deny, refuse; say ... not;
negotiatio, negotiationis
negotiator, negotiatoris
wholesale trader or dealer;
negotio, negotiare, negotiavi, negotiatus
carry on business; trade;
negotiolum, negotioli
little business;
negotior, negotiari, negotiatus sum DEP
do business, trade;
negotiosus, negotiosa, negotiosum
active, occupied;
negotium, negoti(i)
pain, trouble, annoyance, distress; work, business, activity, job;
Nehalannia, Nehalanniae [EENFZ]
German goddess, worshiped by traders who sailed across the North Sea;
nemo, neminis N (3rd) C
no one, nobody;
nemoralis, nemoralis, nemorale
of/belonging to wood/forest, sylvan;
nemorensis, nemorensis, nemorense
of woods or groves; sylvan;
nemorivagus, nemorivaga, nemorivagum
nemorosus, nemorosa, nemorosum
truly, certainly, of course;
nemus, nemoris
wood, forest;
nenia, neniae
funeral dirge sung; incantation, jingle;
neo, nere, nevi, netus
spin; weave; produce by spinning;
neofitus, neofita, neofitum[DXXIS]
newly planted; (of newly converted Christians);
neolithicus, neolithica, neolithicum
neologismus, neologismi
neomenia, neomeniae
new moon;
neonatus, neonati
neophytus, neophyta, neophytum
newly planted; (of newly converted Christians);
neophytus, neophyti
neophyte; (newly converted Christians);
neoplasia, neoplasiae
neoplasm; tumor;
nepa, nepae
scorpion; a crab;
nepiagogium, nepiagogii
children's garden;
nepos, nepotis N (3rd) C
grandson/daughter; descendant; spendthrift, prodigal, playboy; secondary shoot;
neptis, neptis
granddaughter; female descendant;
Neptunus, Neptuni [XEIDX]
Neptune; sea;
nequam, undeclined
wicked/licentious/depraved; bad/vile; naughty/roguish; worthless/useless;
lest, lest ever; never, not ever;
by no means;
nor; and not, not, neither;
nor [neque..neque=>neither..nor; neque solum..sed etiam=>not only..but also];
and/but not yet;
nequeo, nequire, nequivi(ii), nequitus V
be unable, cannot;
in vain;
nequior, undeclined
more wicked/licentious/depraved/vile; worse; more useless/worthless; (nequam);
in vain;
lest any one;
nequissimus, undeclined
most wicked/vile/licentious/worthless, good for nothing; (nequam SUPER);
badly; wickedly;
nequitia, nequitiae
wickedness; idleness; negligence; worthlessness; evil ways;
nequities, nequitiae
wickedness; idleness; worthlessness; (equivalent to nequitia);
Nero, Neronis
Nero; (cognomen of Claudian gens); (Nero Claudius Caesar -> Emperor, 54-69);
Nerva, Nervae
Nerva; (Roman cognomen); [M. Cocceius Nerva => Emperor, 96-98 AD];
Nervius, Nervii
Nervii (pl.); Belgic (north Gallic) tribe;
nervosus, nervosa, nervosum
sinewy; vigorous;
nervulus, nervuli
nerve, strength;
nervus, nervi
sinew/muscle/nerve; hamstring; tendon (as material); stringed instrument (pl.);
strength; vigor, nerve, force, power; sexual power, virility; penis (rude);
string/cord; bowstring; bow; (leather) thong; fetter (for prisoner); prison;
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitus V (4th)
not know (how); be ignorant/unfamiliar/unaware/unacquainted/unable/unwilling;
nescius, nescia, nescium
unaware, not knowing, ignorant;
nete, netes [XDXFO]
highest note in tetrachord; last/undermost string;
or not, and not; (for negative of IMP); [neve ... neve => neither ... nor ];
neuma, neumae [FEXDM]
spirit; [pneuma sacrum/sanctum => Holy Spirit/Ghost];
prolonged/breathing notes in plainsong; plainsong notation signs;
neuma, neumatis [FDXDM]
neume/neum; prolonged group of notes sung to single syllable (in plainsong);
neuronum, neuroni [HSXEK]
neuron, nerve cell;
neuter, neutra, neutrum
by no means, not at all; (ne utiquam);
neutralitas, neutralitatis
neutralizatio, neutralizationis
neutralizo, neutralizare, neutralizavi, neutralizatus
to neither side;
neutronium, neutronii [HSXEK]
in neither place; neither way;
or not, and not; (for negative of IMP); [neve ... neve => neither ... nor ];
nex, necis
death; murder;
nexilis, nexilis, nexile
woven together, intertwined;
nexo, nexere, nexi, -
tie together; bind together; (see also nectere);
nexum, nexi
obligation between creditor/debtor; (pre-300 BC debtor bondman for non-payment);
nexus, nexi
one reduced to quasi-slavery for debt, bondsman;
nexus, nexus
obligation between creditor and debtor;
if ... not; unless; [quid ni? => why not?];
if ... not; unless;
niceterium, niceterii
reward of victory, prize;
nichelium, nichelii
nichil, undeclined
nothing; no; trifle/thing not worth mentioning; nonentity; nonsense; no concern;
nichilum, nichili
nothing; nothingness, which does not exist; something valueless; no respect;
Nicomedia, Nicomediae
Nicomedia (city), capital of Bithynia; (now Izmid/Izmit Turkey);
nicotinum, nicotini
nicto, nictare, nictavi, nictatus
nidificium, nidificii
nesting place;
nidifico, nidificare, nidificavi, nidificatus
build a nest;
nidificus, nidifica, nidificum
nest-, concerned with the building of nests;
nidor, nidoris
rich, strong smell, fumes;
nidulus, niduli
little nest;
nidus, nidi
nigellus, nigella, nigellum
somewhat black; (pre-classical and medieval); Nigellus (proper name);
niger, nigra, nigrum
black, dark; unlucky;
nigrans, (gen.), nigrantis
black, dark colored; shadowy; murky;
nigredo, nigredinis
nigreo, nigrere, INTRANS
grow dark; darken;
nigresco, nigrescere, nigrui, -
become black, grow dark;
nigrita, nigritae
nigritia, nigritiae
blackness; black color;
nigrities, nigritiei
blackness; black color;
nigro, nigrare, nigravi, nigratus
be black; make black;
nihil, undeclined
nothing; no; trifle/thing not worth mentioning; nonentity; nonsense; no concern;
nihildum, undeclined
nothing; nothing as yet; not a shred; less than nothing;
nihilismus, nihilismi
nihilitas, nihilitatis
never/none the less, notwithstanding, just the same; likewise, as well;
nihilum, nihili
nothing; nothingness, which does not exist; something valueless; no respect;
nil, undeclined
nothing; no; trifle/thing not worth mentioning; nonentity; nonsense; no concern;
nilum, nili
nothing; nothingness, which does not exist; something valueless; no respect;
nimbifer, nimbifera, nimbiferum
nimbosus, nimbosa, nimbosum
full of/surrounded by rain clouds;
nimbus, nimbi
rainstorm, cloud;
nimietas, nimietatis
excess; superabundance; too great a number/quantity. redundancy
by a very great degree, far;
without doubt, evidently, forsooth;
very much; too much; exceedingly;
too, too much; very, very much, beyond measure, excessive, too great;
nimius, nimia, nimium
excessive, too great;
Nineve, Nineves
Nineveh; (ancient capital of Assyria);
Ninevita, Ninevitae
Ninivite, inhabitant of Nineveh (ancient capital of Assyria);
Nineviticus, Ninevitica, Nineviticum
Ninivite, of/from Nineveh; (ancient capital of Assyria);
Ninevitus, Ninevita, Ninevitum
Ninivite, of/from Nineveh; (ancient capital of Assyria);
ningo, ningere, ninxi, - [XSXEC]
ningt, ningere, ninxit, - IMPERS [XSXEC]
it snows;
ninguis, ninguis
snow; drifts of snow (pl.);
ninguo, ninguere, ninxi, - [XSXEC]
Ninive, Ninives [EXQES]
Nineveh; (ancient capital of Assyria);
Ninivita, Ninivitae [EXQFS]
Ninivite, inhabitant of Nineveh (ancient capital of Assyria);
Niniviticus, Ninivitica, Niniviticum[EXQFS]
Ninivite, of/from Nineveh; (ancient capital of Assyria);
Ninivitus, Ninivita, Ninivitum[EXQES]
Ninivite, of/from Nineveh; (ancient capital of Assyria);
nisan, undeclined
Nisan, Jewish month; (1st in ecclesiastic year); (late January-early February);
if not; except, unless;
nisus, nisus
pressing upon/down; pressure, push; endeavor; exertion; strong muscular effort;
nitedula, nitedulae
nitella, nitellae
small mouse; dormouse;
niteo, nitere, nitui, -
shine, glitter, look bright; be sleek/in good condition; bloom, thrive;
nitesco, nitescere, nitui, -
begin to shine;
nitidus, nitida, nitidum
shining, bright;
nitor, niti, nisus sum DEP
press/lean upon; struggle; advance; depend on (with abl.); strive, labor;
nitor, niti, nixus sum DEP
press/lean upon; struggle; advance; depend on (with abl.); strive, labor;
nitor, nitoris
brightness, splendor; brilliance; gloss, sheen; elegance, style, polish; flash;
nitrosus, nitrosa, nitrosum
full of nitron;
nitrum, nitri
name of various alkalis (esp. soda and potash but probably not nitre);
nivalis, nivalis, nivale
snowy, snow-covered; snow-like;
niveus, nivea, niveum
snowy, covered with snow; white;
Nivomagus, Nivomagi [DXNFS]
city of the Treveri, now Nijmegen, city in Holland;
nivosus, nivosa, nivosum
full of snow, snowy;
nix, nivis
nixor, nixari, nixatus sum DEP
support oneself, rest/lean (on) (w/ABL); struggle/strive, exert oneself (W/INF);
nixus, nixus
straining; the efforts of childbirth (pl.), travail;
no, nare, navi, -
swim, float;
nobilis, nobile, nobilior -or -us, nobilissimus -a -um
noble, well born; aristocratic; outstanding (in rank/deed); important/prominent;
famous, celebrated; well/generally known; remarkable, noteworthy (facts);
nobilis, nobilis
nobles (pl.);
nobilitas, nobilitatis
nobility/noble class; (noble) birth/descent; fame/excellence; the nobles; rank;
nobilito, nobilitare, nobilitavi, nobilitatus
make known/noted/renown; render famous/notorious; ennoble; make more majestic;
nocens, (gen.), nocentis
harmful; guilty; criminal;
noceo, nocere, nocui, nocitus
harm, hurt; injure (with DAT);
nocivus, nociva -um, nocivior -or -us, nocivissimus -a -um
harmful, injurious; noxious;
noctesco, noctescere,
grow dark;
noctiluca, noctilucae
noctivagus, noctivaga, noctivagum
by night, at night;
noctua, noctuae
little owl;
noctuabundus, noctuabunda, noctuabundum
traveling by night;
nocturnalis, nocturnalis, nocturnale
nocturnus, nocturna, nocturnum
nocturnal, of night, at night, by night;
nocumentum, nocumenti
nocuus, nocua, nocuum
hurtful, injurious;
nodo, nodare, nodavi, nodatus
tie in a knot/knots;
nodosus, nodosa, nodosum
tied into many knots, full of knots, knotty;
nodus, nodi
knot; node;
nola, nolae
Nola (town in Campania); woman of Nola; (pun on nolo); bell (Erasmus);
nolo, nolle, nolui, - V
be unwilling; wish not to; refuse to;
nomas, nomados/is
nomad, esp. a Numidian; nomads (pl.), certain wandering pastoral tribes;
nomen, nominis
name, family name; noun; account, entry in debt ledger; sake; title, heading;
nomenclator, nomenclatoris
one who address person by name; slave who announced guests/dishes; an official;
nomenclatura, nomenclaturae
assigning of names to things, nomenclature; mentioning things by name;
nomenculator, nomenculatoris
one who address person by name; slave who announced guests/dishes; an official;
by name;
nominatio, nominationis
naming; nomination (to an office);
nominativus, nominativa, nominativum
nominatus, nominatus
naming; G:noun;
in name only, nominally (ABL S of nomen);
nominal; so-called;
nominito, nominitare, nominitavi, nominitatus
name, term;
nomino, nominare, nominavi, nominatus
name, call;
nomisma, nomismatis
coin/piece of money; coinage; token/voucher; medal stamp; image on coin;
not, by no means, no; [non modo ... sed etiam => not only ... but also];
Non., abb.
Nones (pl.), abb. Non.; 7th of month, March, May, July, Oct., 5th elsewhen;
Nona, Nonae
Nones (pl.), abb. Non.; 7th of month, March, May, July, Oct., 5th elsewhen;
nonaginta, nonagesimus -a -um, nonageni -ae -a, nonagie(n)s
nonanus, nonana, nonanum
of/belonging to ninth legion;
not yet;
nine hundredth;
nine hundredth;
nongenti -ae -a, nongentesimus -a -um, nongeni -ae -a, noningentie(n)s
nine hundred;
not? (interog, expects the answer "Yes");
nonnemo, nonneminis N (3rd) C
some persons, a few;
in some measure;
nonnihil, undeclined
certain amount;
not unless; not except; only (on specific terms);
nonnullus, nonnulla, nonnullum
number of (pl.), some; several;
nonnullus, nonnulla, nonnullum (gen -ius)
some, several, a few; one and another; considerable;
nonnullus, nonnulli
some (pl.), several, a few;
norma, normae
carpenter's square; standard, pattern;
normativus, normativa, normativum
nos, nostrum/nostri PRON PERS
we (pl.), us;
noscito, noscitare, noscitavi, noscitatus
recognize; be acquainted with;
nosco, noscere, novi, notus
get to know; learn, find out; become cognizant of/acquainted/familiar with;
examine, study, inspect; try (case); recognize, accept as valid/true; recall;
nosocomium, nosocomii
nosocomus, nosocomi
male nurse;
nostalgia, nostalgiae
noster, nostra, nostrum
noster, nostri
our men (pl.);
nota, notae
mark, sign, letter, word, writing, spot brand, tattoo-mark;
notabilis, notabilis, notabile
remarkable, notable;
notaculum, notaculi
notariatus, notariatus
notary's office;
notarius, notari(i)
writer of shorthand, stenographer;
notarius, notarii
notatio, notationis
noteo, notere, notui, notitus
notesco, notescere, notui, -
become known; become famous;
nothus, notha, nothum
illegitimate (known father); cross-bred, mixed, mongrel; false, spurious;
notificatio, notificationis
notio, notionis
judicial examination or enquiry;
notionalis, notionalis, notionale
notitia, notitiae
notice; acquaintance;
noto, notare, notavi, notatus
observe; record; brand; write, inscribe;
notula, notulae
little mark;
notum, noti
notorious facts (pl.); scandal;
notus, nota -um, notior -or -us, notissimus -a -um
well known, familiar, notable, famous, esteemed; notorious, of ill repute;
notus, noti
friends (pl.), acquaintances;
Nov., abb.
November (month/mensis understood); abb. Nov.;
novacula, novaculae
novale, novalis
fallow/unplowed land; enclosed land; field; land/field cultivated first time;
novalis, novalis
fallow/unplowedland; enclosed land; field; land/field cultivated first time;
novamen, novaminis
novatio, novationis
substitution by stipulatio of new for existing obligation; renewing; renovation;
nove, novius, novissime
newly, in new/unusual manner; recently/short time ago; finally/lastly; at last;
novella, novellae
news (literary kind);
novello, novellare, novellavi, novellatus
plant nurseries;
novellus, novella, novellum
young, tender;
novem, nonus -a -um, noveni -ae -a, novie(n)s
November, Novembris
November; (9th month before Caesar, 11th after); abb. Nov.;
November, Novembris, Novembre
November (month/mensis understood); abb. Nov.; of/pertaining to November;
novenarius, novenaria, novenarium
ninefold, consisting of nine; having crosssection of 9 square feet, 3 by 3 feet;
novendialis, novendialis, novendiale
lasting nine days; held on the ninth day after a person's death;
noverca, novercae
novi, novisse, notus V
know, know of; know how, be able (to); experience; (PERF form, PRES force);
know; be familiar/acquainted/conversant with/aware of; accept, recognize;
noviciatus, noviciatus
novitiate; apprenticeship;
novicius, novicia, novicium
new, fresh; esp. of persons new to slavery;
novicius, novicii
novilunium, novilunii
new moon;
Noviomagus, Noviomagi [DXNFS]
city of the Treveri, now Nijmegen, city in Holland;
lately, very recently; last, after all else; for last time; lastly; in the end;
novissimum, novissimi
rear (pl.), those at the rear (the freshest troops);
novissimus, novissima, novissimum
last, rear; most recent; utmost;
novitas, novitatis
newness; strangeness/novelty/unusualness/rarity; unfamiliarity; freshness;
restored state (as new); being new appointed/promoted; surprise; modern times;
recently, newly;
novitiatus, novitiati
novitius, noviti(i)
one newly come; novice (eccl.);
novitius, novitia, novitium
novice-; of a novice;
novo, novare, novavi, novatus
make new, renovate; renew, refresh, change;
Novomagus, Novomagi [DXNFS]
city of the Treveri, now Nijmegen, city in Holland;
novus, nova -um, novior -or -us, novissimus -a -um
new, fresh, young; unusual, extraordinary; (novae res, f. pl. = revolution);
nox, noctis
night [prima nocte => early in the night; multa nocte => late at night];
noxa, noxae
hurt, injury; crime; punishment, harm;
noxalis, noxalis, noxale
of injury done by person/other's animal; harm/damage/injury; power to harm;
noxia, noxiae
crime, fault;
noxiosus, noxiosa -um, noxiosior -or -us, noxiosissimus -a -um
very harmful, noxious; full of guilt, vicious;
noxius, noxia, noxium
harmful, noxious; guilty, criminal;
nubecula, nubeculae
little cloud; a troubled expression;
nubeculatus, nubeculata, nubeculatum
comic; (fabula nubeculata = comic strip);
nubes, nubis
cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation (hair); swarm/multitude;
frown, gloomy expression; gloom/anxiety; mourning veil; cloud/threat (of war);
nubifer, nubifera, nubiferum
cloud capped; cloud bearing, that brings clouds;
nubigena, nubigenae
cloud-born; (of the Centaurs);
nubilis, nubilis, nubile
nubilosus, nubilosa, nubilosum
cloudy, foggy; murky;
nubilum, nubili
clouds (pl.), rain clouds;
nubilus, nubila, nubilum
cloudy; lowering;
nubis, nubis
cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation (hair); swarm/multitude;
frown, gloomy expression; gloom/anxiety; mourning veil; cloud/threat (of war);
nubo, nubere, nupsi, nuptus
marry, be married to;
nubs, nubis
cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation (hair); swarm/multitude;
frown, gloomy expression; gloom/anxiety; mourning veil; cloud/threat (of war);
nucatum, nucati
nucifrangibulum, nucifrangibuli
nuclearis, nuclearis, nucleare[HSXEK]
nucleus, nuclei
nucleus, inside of a nut, kernel; nut; central part; hard round mass/nodule;
nuditas, nuditatis
nakedness, bareness, nudity, exposure; bareness, want;
it is now the...day since; (always with ordinal numerals);
day before yesterday;
nudo, nudare, nudavi, nudatus
lay bare, strip; leave unprotected;
nudus, nuda, nudum
nude; bare, stripped;
nuga, nugae
trifles (pl.), nonsense; trash; frivolities; bagatelle(s);
nugacitas, nugacitatis
drollery, trifling playfulness;
nugator, nugatoris
one who plays the fool; teller of tall stories;
nugatorius, nugatoria, nugatorium
trifling, worthless, futile, paltry;
nugigerulus, nugigeruli
clothes-dealer (in female finery);
nugivendus, nugivendi
clothes-dealer (in female finery);
nugor, nugari, nugatus sum DEP
play the fool, talk nonsense; trifle;
not at all; in nowise, by no means;
nullitas, nullitatis
not at all;
nullus, nulla, nullum (gen -ius)
no; none, not any; (PRONominal ADJ)
nullus, nulli
no one;
if, whether; now, surely not, really, then (asking question expecting neg);
Num., abb.
Numerius (Roman praenomen); (abb. N./Num.);
numen, numinis
divine will, divinity; god;
numerabilis, numerabilis, numerabile
possible/easy to count;
numerarius, numerarii
accountant, keeper of accounts; arithmetician;
numeratio, numerationis
calculation, reckoning, counting; paying out (money); payment; enumeration;
numerator, numeratoris
numerator (math.);
Numerius, Numeri
Numerius (Roman praenomen); (abb. N./Num.);
quickly, rapidly; prematurely, too soon; too much(?);
numero, numerare, numeravi, numeratus [XSXAO]
count, add up, reckon/compute; consider; relate; number/enumerate, catalog; pay;
plentifully, in/with large numbers; into many parts; in many ways; rhythmically;
numerositas, numerositatis
multitude, great number; rhythm, harmony;
numerosus, numerosa -um, numerosior -or -us, numerosissimus -a -um
numerous/many, of many units/parts/people; multiple; manifold/varied; prolific;
plentiful/abundant/populous; harmonious/melodious/rhythmic/proportioned;
numerus, numeri
number/sum/total/rank; (superior) numerical strength/plurality; category; tally;
rhythm/cadence/frequency; meter/metrical foot/line; melody; exercise movements;
numisma, numismatis
coin/piece of money; coinage; token/voucher; medal stamp; image on coin;
nummarius, nummaria, nummarium
of/belonging to money; bribed with money, venal;
nummatus, nummata, nummatum
nummischedula, nummischedulae
nummisma, nummismatis
coin/piece of money; coinage; token/voucher; medal stamp; image on coin;
nummularius, nummulari(i)
kind of small-change state banker; (to change foreign currency and test coins);
nummularius, nummularia, nummularium
of/related to the changing of foreign currency;
nummulus, nummuli
little piece or sum of money;
nummus, nummi
coin; cash; money; sesterce;
is it possible, surely ... not; can it be that; (question expecting negative);
nun, undeclined
nun; (14th letter of Hebrew alphabet); (transliterate as N);
now, today, at present;
nuncia, nunciae
female messenger; she who brings tidings
here and now; now at last;
nunciatio, nunciationis
announcement of augur signs observed; notice/notification/laying of information;
nunciator, nunciatoris
announcer, he who lays information/stays neighbor's action; reporter; informer;
nunciatrix, nunciatricis
announcer (female), she who lays information/stays neighbor's action; informer;
nuncio, nunciare, nunciavi, nunciatus [DXXAS]
announce/report/bring word/give warning; convey/deliver/relate message/greeting;
nuncium, nunci(i)
message, announcement; news; notice of divorce/annulment of betrothal;
nuncius, nunci(i) [DXXAS]
messenger/herald/envoy; message (oral), warning; report; messenger's speech;
nuncius, nuncia, nuncium
announcing, bringing word (of occurrence); giving warning; prognosticatory;
nuncupatio, nuncupationis
solemn pronouncement (vow); naming/declaring; ramification; nomination; name;
nuncupatorius, nuncupatoria, nuncupatorium
nuncupatura, nuncupaturae
nuncupo, nuncupare, nuncupavi, nuncupatus
call, name; express;
nundina, nundinae
market day (pl.); traffic; [novem+dies => held every ninth day];
nundinor, nundinari, nundinatus sum DEP
buy or sell in the market; practice trade of a discreditable kind;
nundinum, nundini
period from one market-day to the next;
nunnullus, nunnulli
some (pl.), several, a few;
at no time, never; not in any circumstances;
is it possible, surely ... not; can it be that; (question expecting negative);
nuntia, nuntiae
female messenger; she who brings tidings
nuntiatio, nuntiationis
announcement of augur signs observed; notice/notification/laying of information;
nuntiator, nuntiatoris
announcer, he who lays information/stays neighbor's action; reporter; informer;
nuntiatrix, nuntiatricis
announcer (female), she who lays information/stays neighbor's action; informer;
nuntiatura, nuntiaturae
nunciature, representation of Pope by nuncio; office/term of nuncio;
nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatus
announce/report/bring word/give warning; convey/deliver/relate message/greeting;
nuntium, nunti(i)
message, announcement; news; notice of divorce/annulment of betrothal;
nuntius, nunti(i)
messenger/herald/envoy; message (oral), warning; report; messenger's speech;
nuntius, nuntia, nuntium
announcing, bringing word (of occurrence); giving warning; prognosticatory;
nuo, nuere, nui, nuitus
nuo, nuere, nui, nutus
nuper, -, nuperrime
recently, not long ago; in recent years/our own time; (SUPER) latest in series;
nupta, nuptae
nuptia, nuptiae
marriage (pl.), nuptials, wedding;
nuptialis, nuptialis, nuptiale
of a wedding or marriage, nuptial;
nurus, nurus N (4th) F
daughter-in-law; prospective daughter-in-law; wife of grandson, etc. (leg.);
nowhere; on no occasion;
nutabilis, nutabilis, nutabile
tottering; insecure;
nutabundus, nutabunda, nutabundum
tottering; staggering;
nutamen, nutaminis
bobbing; movement upwards and downwards;
nuto, nutare, nutavi, nutatus
waver, give way;
nutriamentus, nutriamenti
nutricius, nutrici(i)
tutor; foster-father;
nutricius, nutricia, nutricium
nourishing; suckling;
nutrico, nutricare, nutricavi, nutricatus
nurse/suckle; raise/rear/bring up; nourish/promote growth/well being; cherish;
nutricor, nutricari, nutricatus sum DEP
nurse/suckle; raise/rear/bring up; nourish/promote growth/well being; cherish;
nutricula, nutriculae
nutrimen, nutriminis
nourishment, sustenance;
nutrimens, nutrimentis
food, nourishment;
nutrimentum, nutrimenti
nourishment, sustenance;
nutrio, nutrire, nutrivi, nutritus
suckle. breast feed; nourish/feed/fuel, supply, build up; preserve, look after;
rear/raise; foster/encourage; tend/treat (wound/sick person); deal gently with;
nutrior, nutriri, nutritus sum V (4th) DEP
suckle. breast feed; nourish/feed/fuel, supply, build up; preserve, look after;
rear/raise; foster/encourage; tend/treat (wound/sick person); deal gently with;
nutrix, nutricis
nutus, nutus
nod; command, will; [ad nutum => instantly; with the agreement of];
nux, nucis
nyctegreton, nyctegreti [XAQNO]
thorny oriental plant (reputed to become luminous at night);
nyctegretos, nyctegreti [XAQNO]
thorny oriental plant (reputed to become luminous at night);
nycticorax, nycticoracis
night raven;
nylonium, nylonii
nylonius, nylonia, nylonium
of nylon;
nympha, nymphae [XYHAO]
nymph; (semi-divine female nature/water spirit); water; bride; young maiden;
nymphe, nymphes
nymph; (semi-divine female nature/water spirit); water; bride; young maiden;